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About Us

Hi, I'm Todd, and these dice are the product of a dream that grew organically after falling in love with a set of metal polyhedral dice I found online. You could probably say I'm a born-again gamer.  The summers of my childhood were filled with roleplaying, Battletech, Warhammer 40K, board games, home-brew tabletops, and every collectible card game available. Somewhere along the line, though, I "grew up".

Luckily for me it wasn't permanent.  In 2015 I stumbled upon the most beautiful set of dice I had ever seen.  They had a blend of curves and sharp edges, and diffused light in the most spectacular way.  They were immediately exotic and familiar.  Just seeing these dice sparked something inside of me.  Waves of nostalgia rushed over me, and they made me strangely optimistic.  I had to have them.  Once I had them, I felt compelled to get them into the hands of others.  

Those dice sparked a gaming renaissance for me and our family.  I began LARPing with my small kids as a form of early roleplaying, my wife and I became obsessed with painting miniatures, we started new roleplaying campaigns (a first for my wife), we've gotten into board games, and I cannot wait until my kids are old enough for me to be their DM.

The company is me and my wife, working part-time in the evenings after our kids are in bed.  One day we hope to grow the business to the point that we can do this full-time.  For now, we're happy just being able to spread a little of that sense of wonder and excitement that changed our lives.

We're obsessed with customer satisfaction, sweat the small details, and genuinely care that you have a good experience with your dice.

If you have any problems at all, please contact us!





About The Dice

Die Cast Manufacturing Process

See our Metal Dice page.

Precision Dice

Like with die casting, precision machining dice requires extremely expensive machinery and years of trial and error to get right.  We partner with experts that have already worked through the problems and have the requisite hardware to get the job done.  Our machined sets are different in scale than most of our competition, and over time, will also look distinctly different as we create new designs.

Polymer Dice

The polymer dice we offer are not manufactured by us, and for the time being, the designs are not exclusive to us either.  We partner with multiple manufacturers to get as many colors and styles, at the best price possible.  We plan on offering our own designs at some point, but that would be after we create a full set of our own in metal.  :)



Without a lot of up-front capital, it is difficult to create molds for an entirely new set of dice.  When we started, all of our dice were general designs, owned by the factory that we partner with.  As we've grown, we've started to replace specific dice with our own designs, and also create completely new products (see our Star Wing dice).  We will continue to do so until all of our dice are unique to us.


Typically all dice in a polyhedral set are scaled to match the D6 die.  A standard D6 is 16mm.  Die hard dice are slightly different.  All dice in the set are similar to a standard 16mm scaled set, except the D6 itself is actually 13.5mm.  For exact measurements, please see the chart to the right.

Return Policy


When we say we obsess about customer satisfaction, we really, truly mean it.  If you have any problem, just contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make it right.  




We can ship most anywhere.  See our Shipping Page for more details. 


Stock Notifications


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Suggestion Box


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Can you do pre-orders?


To save space here, I created a blog post to answer this question.




Have you considered doing a Kickstarter Campaign?


This is a great question, and I get it a lot.  I address this question in the same blog post as preorders.  You can check that out here.






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