Die Hard Dice carries an enormous array of Dungeons & Dragons dice sets, ranging from individual polymer sets in various styles to top-of-the-line die cast metal dice in beautiful electroplated finishes.  

With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect set for you can really feel like a quest.  To help you narrow the range of options, check out our style suggestions for your favorite D&D character class.

Have a suggested style for us that we haven't listed?  Email us at service @ dieharddice.com!

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Bilbo Baggins.  Shadowjack.

Living by their wits day-by-day often at others' expense, the Rogue is an expert "treasure finder"

Search for dice that are shiny but dark.  Chromes with black are a good fit.

  • Shiny Silver w/ Black

  • Sinister Chrome (Darks)

  • Gothica Sinister Red

Doctor Strange.  Polgara.  Skeletor.

A sorcerer’s abilities are derived from their magical bloodline.  


Look for dice that show arcane prowess and otherworldly nature.  

  • Silver Ruby

  • Gothica Sinister Red

  • Gothica Silver w Black

  • Scorched Rainbow

Lancelot. Judge Dredd.  Leona. 


A holy knight, devoted to the cause of good.  Only Lawful Good need apply.

Polished metal finishes in silver or gold, ​and blue numbering to represent honor and duty.

  • Raw Steel w/ Blue

  • Gold Sapphire

  • Shiny Gold

  • Gothica Shiny Gold w/ Black

Aragorn. Robin Hood.  Drizzt.


Intelligent warriors with  wilderness survival skills.  Cunning and mobility over brute force.

Earth tones, blacks and greens are a good match for a ranger.​

  • Sinister Chrome w/ Green

  • Ancient Copper

  • Gothica Battleworn Copper

  • Battleworn Copper


Faust. Gul'Dan. Sailor Moon.

Warlocks make dark pacts with otherwordly entities, from which they draw their power.


Summon dice that show off their arcane superiority or magical flair with a hint of darkness. 

  • Sinister Chrome Purple

  • Scorched Rainbow

  • Silver Amethyst

  • Shiny Gold

Gandalf. Harry Potter. Raistlin.

Weaving spells and mystic energies the wizard is the definitive spellcaster.

We recommend any of our Gothica sets as well as some of our shinier sets to represent the magical artifacts they use:

  • Gold Ruby

  • Gothica Shiny Gold w Black

  • Silver Titanite

  • Gold Amethyst

Van Helsing.  Shepherd Book. 


Warrior priest healers on a mission to purify undead from the land.  Blunt weapons, heavy armor, and holy items.

Seek a righteous shiny finish, or match the domain associated with your deity: ie. green for nature, red for war.

  • Silver Sapphire

  • Gunmetal Green

  • Silver Peridot

  • Sinister White


Hercules. Perseus.  Little John.

High hit points, heavy armor, weapons specialization.  Combat machines.

To match a fighter, look for styles reminiscent of the clash of swords and armor.  

  • Gothica Battleworn

  • Raw Steel w/ Blue

  • Scorched Bronze

  • Battleworn Silver


Malfurion. Lina. Vadania.


Druids protect nature from dark incursions.  They represent the unbridled ferocity of earth and creation.  They travel the wildlands with no fear.

Choose dice with an earthy tone or that reflect the wildness of your nature.

  • Gold Emerald

  • Gothica Battleworn Copper

  • Ancient Copper

  • Gunmetal Green

Conan.  Red Sonja. Riddick.

The archetypal warrior, using strength and fury in combat.  If you see one raging, run!  

To match a Barbarian, go for non-shiny finishes or something with red to match bloodlust.

  • Forge Raw Steel w/ Red

  • Gothica Sinister Red

  • Battleworn Silver

  • Ancient Copper

Scheherazade. Tom Bombadil.  

D&D players know a story can cast a spell on you.  Bards are weavers of powerful arcane lore, music and stories.

The flavor of dice you want is something ostentatious, with lots of flourish.  We recommend a lot of color.

  • Silver Tourmaline

  • Scorched Rainbow White

  • Gunmetal Rainbow

  • Gold Amethyst

Bruce Lee.  Aang.  Goku.

Martial Arts masters who need no other weaponry than their first, feet, and power of mind.

Seek dice that show the power of ancient ways.  Ancient and Battleworn finishes are good.

  • Brilliant Copper

  • Gothica Shiny Copper Black

  • Gunmetal Orange

  • Forge Battleworn Copper


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