Die Hard d4 Survey



Though iconic and beautiful in it's own right, the d4 rolls terribly when compared to any platonic solid with more faces.  When you increase the weight by making them out of metal, the problem becomes even worse.  Additionally, sharp cornered metal d4s are particularly dangerous to lose on the floor.  


I want the d4s that I sell to tumble well, without losing their iconic look.  I'm not designing in a vacuum, though; I need a design to looks at home in my standard RPG set, which is a deliberate blend of soft and hard edges.  


I've been working on some options and want to get as much feedback as possible.

The two primary changes I'm considering are 1) simply softening all edges/corners, and 2) flattening/clipping the corners (but not enough that it could actually land on any of the resulting new faces).  



As mentioned, I would love to get as much feedback as possible.  Anyone willing to complete the survey below will be entered to win a set of metal dice.  There will be 3 winners, chosen randomly on  Friday, October 28th.  Winners will receive a coupon for the value of a set of metal dice ($26.5).

Help us out, win a free metal set!

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For reference, this is the standard RPG set.  Note that the d6 and d10 are a blend of soft and hard edges.

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Designs 2 and 3 may look similar at first glance.  The major difference is the shape of the edge, and how those edges shape the new corner-faces.  Design 4 is the same as 3, but with a top facing number.