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Deal 2 - Free Blind Bag!

Get a free blind bag with a purchase of $35 or more.  Just make sure you have $35 worth of product in your shopping cart, plus a blind bag (so your total would be over $50), then apply this promo code to get $15 off, making the blind bag free:  2017FREEBIE

Note: Only one promo code can be applied to an order at a time.

Deal 3 - Priority Shipping Ugrade

We've added a new shipping option for those who are ordering more than 8 oz (0.5 lbs) of dice or accessories.  You can now get a free priority shipping upgrade, changing the shipping time from 2-6 days to 1-3 days.  This is the shipping time only.  We are working very hard to keep the processing time down to 1 day, so barring delays on the USPS side, if you are in the USA, get more than 8 oz of stuff and order by Wednesday, we expect you to receive your package by Saturday, just in time for the holidays.

Introducing Gothica Sapphire and Ruby

Gothica Shiny Silver Sapphire

Gothica Shiny Silver Ruby

Gothica Shiny Gold Sapphire

Gothica Shiny Gold Ruby

50 new products, here are some!

Orange Galaxy

Purple Galaxy

Emerald Wisp

Purple/Yellow Wisp

Teal Swirl

Bone w/ Red



Purple Glitter

2017 Blind Bag

Over $35 worth of Dice, for just $15

Gold Glitter

Glow Purple

A beautiful pale purple, but glows green!

Glow White

The OG glow color.

Star Wing - Ancient

When "battleworn" isn't quite enough!

Gothica Sinister Red

join the dark side, Luke

Gothica Sinister White 

So, your DM complains she can't read your rolls from across the table, eh?

Forge - Shiny Silver

Our brand new design in a bright and beautiful finish

Painted Purple

A vibrant test color, let us know what you think!

Light Blue Glitter

Black w/ Blue

MTG Roll Down - Shiny Gold w/ Black

MTG Strength/Toughness Counters

MTG Strength/Toughness Counters

Gothica Shiny Gold w/ Royal Blue

Amazing, the blue shimmers in light

Forge - Ancient Gold 

Beautifully worn

Forge - Sinister Red

A fresh spin on our oldest custom color

Red/Blue Marble

Blue/Green Nebula

Black w/ Gold

MTG Goyf Rox Counter - Shiny Silver w/ Black

Translucent Ice Storm

Chain Mail Dice Bag

XL Satin-Lined Velvet Bag


Green/Magenta Wisp

Jade w/ Gold

Amethyst w/ Gold

Silver Glitter

Glow Orange

The low glow of molten lava.

Fireball - Feel the burn!

Gothica Shiny Silver w/ Light Purple

Forge - Raw Steel 

Colorfully worn

Forge - Battleworn Copper

Copperly worn

Translucent Dusk

Black w/ Red

MTG Roll Down Die - Shiny SIlver w/ Black

MTG Goyf Rox Counter - Shiny Gold w/ Black

Blue/White Marble

Black w/ Green

Red Folding Dice Tray

Stay classy, friends