Announcing the Die Hard Dice Limerick Challenge!

We want to encourage you to share the love this March, and we want to read a bunch of limericks, so to celebrate St Patrick's Day 2018 we will be giving away seven "Pots o' Gold at the end of the Rainbow" to the winners of our Limerick Challenge!

Each "Pot o' Gold at the end of the Rainbow" is: One set of our best selling Rainbow Polymer, and one set of our amazing Gothica Shiny Gold Sapphire.

Oy!  Kids are a​lways trying to steal me strawberry smiggles!

Here's how to play:

1. Write a 5-star review for your favorite local game store on Google, Yelp, or their Facebook page.  Or, write a 5-star iTunes or Stitcher review for your favorite RPG podcast.

2. Here's the challenge: The review has to contain a limerick poem that you wrote for them!

3. Post your rhyming review as a comment on our Limerick Challenge Facebook post, and say where you posted the review so we can look it up.

4. We'll pick 3 entries that we like the best, and 4 more will be chosen at random from among the remaining entrants.

5. You can enter more than once if you review more than one different store or podcast, but your limerick has to be unique for each.

6. Winners will be announced in the afternoon of St Patricks day, March 17.  YES, International contestants are welcome too.

Bonus points if your limerick sounds awesome when read with an Irish accent.

Writing a limerick is pretty easy -- here is an example:

Drunks and Dragons Podcast:

There once was a podcast from Geekly

Where gamer friends role play once weekly  

    When they drink lots of beer 

    We all love to hear

Their adventures unfolding quite cheekily

Critical Role, the final battle in Arc 1:

(Spoiler alert: We made this limerick text white so you can only read it if you select the text below)

Forced to use counterspell level nine
Scanlan couldn't save friend Vax from dyin'
  He'd been saving a spell
  To stop Vax's death knell
Twas a moment we #critters were cryin'