It's official!

Our latest set has a name!

Platinum Aquamarine No Logo_edited.jpg


The results are in, and our newest design is now named Mythica Dice.

We want give a huge thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions, and especially to Janine Hempy, Emily Ogle, and Jeremiah Keolanui, who all proposed this name. We'll be reaching out to each of you to get you your prizes.

These sets will be available by the end of this month (November, 2018)

Original Information Below

This beautiful design needs a name!


We've got another color to announce!

This is Platinum Aquamarine. The Platinum plating style and the aquamarine gemstone style are both new, and will debut with this new set design. 


If you'd like to be the first to own one, help us find a fitting name for the design!  All details are below!

M4 horizontal.png

The Dice

With over a year in design and R&D, we've finally done it! Blending the distinct feel of our Forge line with the refined beauty of Gothica, this new addition was lovingly crafted from the ground up. Labors of love take time, and we didn't stop until we were happy with every  edge and curve.


This line introduces a number of innovations. In addition to the blending of two distinct styles, you will notice a larger, easier-to-read font. We've also enlarged the smaller dice (d4, d8) to give a more uniform size across the set. This has the added advantage of contributing to the readability of the dice. Form and function working together.


To accompany the new design, we'll be introducing new color options as well. The set shown here is plated in brilliant gold, with our ruby gemstone finish. The satin gold causes light to diffuse throughout the ruby finish, making them almost glow. 

This new set is in production right now, and will be available in a number of styles and colors at the end of November!


Yet, this beautiful set lacks a proper name...

The Challenge


Every time we've launched a new metal design, we've come to you for inspiration, and every time, you've delivered!  We come to you again asking for aid.  Help us find an inspiring name for this new style!

The Prize


If we choose  your name, we will send you one of our only prototypes, and you will become the first owner of this set.  You can choose between any of the prototype colors we have on hand at the time.

Ideas, tips


Though not required to win, it might help to remember that we

  • Are fans of alliteration

  • Would prefer keeping the name short

  • Might like a subtle reference to the set's Gothica and Forge predecessors

  • Need to name the design of the physical dice, not the specific gold/ruby color combination.  This design will be used with many color combinations

Size ComparisonSmaller.jpg

Size Comparison

Gothica Shiny Gold  Black on top, New set in Brilliant Gold Ruby on bottom

Entries are now closed.

Keep an eye out here or on social media for the final name announcement on 11/5.