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Our favorite things to do at Die Hard Dice:

  1. Surprise new customers with excellent service and beautiful products.

  2. Design and build new things for your gaming enjoyment.

Here are some of the latest things we've put together.  When we release new products, we'll keep this page updated.

A six-sided version of our popular fold down tray.  One side is black velvet, the other is thick PU Leather.  Reversible so you can fold them up in either direction.  The sides fold up and snap together to stay in tray shape.  10.5 inches across when flat, and a 6.5 inch rolling surface when folded into a tray.

Protect your table and roll in style.  This rectangular dice tray collapses flat and is the length and height of a sheet of paper so it easily fits into backpacks and folders.  One side is grey velvet, the other side is thick PU Leather, and it can be folded up either way.  The corners snap together to stay in tray shape.  10.5 inches across when flat, and a 6.5 inch rolling surface when in tray mode.

New Color: Scorched Rainbow 

Die-Cast Zinc, chrome plated, then heat anodized with a torch to create a gorgeous colorful finish.  Each die is unique and one of a kind.

We're excited to announce an all new line of D&D dice that we designed.  Our first batch will be here in November 2017.  We're tentatively calling them the "Dimension" line.  Here's a peak:

Motivation: A common complaint in almost all D&D dice sets (polymer and metal alike) is that the lowly D4 has a reputation for not rolling very well.  Add to that the fact that metal dice have sharper corners than polymer dice, and the D4 is a danger to bare feet anywhere.  Instead of rounding the corners, we decided to try a set with more angular edges that should improve rolling and still have the sharp feeling of a nice metal set.

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