Metal Dice for Deserving DMs

Sometimes pizza and beer just isn't enough

We recently had a customer write us to tell us how moved and grateful their Dungeon Master was to receive dice as a gift from her players.  It was a touching story, that got us thinking about how underappreciated some of our DMs are. 

We want to give you a chance to give back to your awesome Dungeon Master. Although we will handle the shipping and logistics, this will be a gift and personal note from you, not us.  

We want everyone to have a chance, so we will incorporate a random drawing as well.  We will pick the DM we feel is most deserving, and then choose two more at random from the remaining entries. This is open to anyone, from anywhere.  If we can ship there, you're eligible.  

Please, please treat this seriously.  We know a lot of people would like free metal dice for themselves, but we do general giveaways often enough, so let's keep this one focused on the self-sacrificing DMs in our lives.  We will discard entries that do not seem to be in keeping with the spirit of this giveaway.

Contest Details

Submissions will be accepted until midnight, November 29th (MST).  Three Metal RPG sets will be awarded, one by choice, two at random.  Winners will be contacted for further details on December 5th, and a general announcement will be made on December 7th.  Your email will not be used for any purpose other than to contact you for more information pertaining to this specific giveaway.

Results are in!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway!  All of the stories were so good that we ended up expanding the winners to four.  We choose two, and drew two at random.

The winners are: (in no particular order)

Sam Gardner

Anthony Thomas

Janet Wi

Jacob Smith

All winners have been notified. 

All other participants will not go empty handed.  Keep an eye on your email for a thank you gift for your participation.