Our dice sell themselves, especially through word of mouth among gamers.  Our sparkly Gemstone Collection is a Die Hard Dice exclusive which we pioneered.  For retailers we offer fantastic wholesale terms with very low order minimums and free shipping.  We don't sell our stuff through other online retailers, only on our own site and stores that have a physical location.  Our reputation for excellent service has now passed 2000 five star ratings.  

We care about the gaming community

Local Game Stores are at the heart of the gaming community.  We decided to support the stores who buy from us by removing our products from Amazon.  In addition, wholesale pricing is now only available to those who own a physical store.

We offer very competitive prices, free shipping, and no Minimum Order Quantity.  We want you to have every advantage possible.  If we can help you grow, we do as well!

Fresh Metal Designs

When we first started, we only had access to stock dice designs, but quickly learned that stock was not good enough. 

Basic design flaws caused high defect rates, customer complaints, and asymmetric dice.  So, as soon as we had the funds, we started replacing the stock designs with our own.

We have many new designs in the works.

Painless return, replacement, or refund process.  No interrogations, no second-guessing, no hassle.


We're friendly people.  If something is wrong, we fix it.  

Easy to work with...

MTG Roll Down

MTG Goyf Rox

Star Wing Dice

Forge Dice

We're always up to something...

We know that new products bring customers back.  So, we're always cooking up new products, and color/style combinations.  We launch at least a few products every month, so you can count on shiny new stuff to bring your customers back in. 

As a store owner, you are in the trenches and have your ear to the ground, so we take your feedback seriously. A number of the products in our catalog were the direct result of input from our friends at stores.  Let us know what you think, or what you're hearing, and it could result in an awesome new product!

What to do next?

1. Go to https://www.dieharddice.com/shop/account/settings

2. Click 'Create new account' - it just needs your store name, email, and a password you choose.

3. After that, email service@dieharddice.com and let us know what name or email you used to sign up.  Then we put you in the wholesale list and after that you can go to dieharddice.com/wholesale and login then put together an order using the web store, and it'll apply your discount near the end of the shopping cart checkout pages.