About Shipping

What carriers do you use?

USPS First Class Priority mail in most cases.  We also ship USPS First Class International, and Priority International.  

What are your shipping rates?

Free shipping in the USA for orders over $20!  Discounted international shipping!

Domestic orders under $20 just charge the USPS rate based on order weight.

For international orders, we give a small shipping discount per item in your order.  It's even possible to achieve free shipping if you buy multiple dice sets in your order.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our new shop/warehouse in Orem, Utah.  We moved all of the dice out of Todd's house in the beginning of April 2018.  (yay, they got their house back!)

How soon will I get my dice?

Most orders ship within 2 business days of receiving your order, and arrive within 5 to 7 business days.  

Orders shipped to Canada typically take 5-11 days.  

Orders shipped to Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe may take 10-15 days.  

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee how fast the USPS will deliver, and for international orders it seems to vary.

About USPS Tracking Codes and International Shipments

Those USPS tracking codes are great... until your package leaves the USA.  Then they only show the first city where they arrived in your country, and we don't typically see further updates until your package arrives.  We wish there were a better way to track them, but our other options (UPS / Fedex / DHL) are way more expensive.

Shipping to Canada

Some customers have reported they had to pay CA tax at the post office, and others say their dice got to their mailbox without any tax.  We used a Canadian Duty Calculator online and tried each province, and while all had varying tax rates, none of them required a duty fee.

Shipping to Australia or New Zealand


Everyone we have spoken with so far has said they did not have to pay any extra tax to receive their dice in Australia or New Zealand.

Shipping to Sweden

Shipping to Sweden takes FOREVER!  Postnord, we're looking at you.  Oskar, we are sorry about that disappointment!   Just kidding about forever, it actually takes like 14 to 31 days.

Shipping to Austria

Shipping to Austria should take roughly 12-14 days.

Shipping to Malta

Shipping to Malta takes more than 15 days.  Our shipping calculator gives estimates based on an automated USPS tool, but 15 days is not realistic.  


Shipping to Turkey

Shipping to Turkey takes 9-12 days to arrive, at least according to our last shipment.

Shipping to European Union

Plan on paying VAT and import duty fees.  We do fill out a declaration of contents form, as required, and you will be charged VAT based on the price.  

We would love to get better information on your experiences receiving your dice, so please email us if you'd like to tell us how it went, and we will improve this part of our shipping page for your fellow EU Die Hard customers.


Orders shipped to Norway do not have to pay VAT, but they do pay import duty.

Can you ship to other countries too?

Die Hard Dice can ship to most places in the world, including Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia. 

For an exact list, add anything to the shopping cart and start the checkout process.  You can see exactly which countries we ship to, and how much the current cart would cost to ship there.

If you don't see your country, we probably haven't sent there before.  But there's a first for everything, so just let us know and I'll see about adding it.

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