The Curse of Silverlake Dice Giveaway

A podcast worthy of your time (and free dice)!

The Backstory

Not long ago, I was contacted by Anthony, from an RPG podcast called The Curse of Silverlake.  He told me that although it has been a while since they've released an episode, they have six of them in active development, and were wondering if we would like to sponsor them.  I promised I would listen to the podcast and get back to him.

I listened, and loved it so much that I knew I had to turn more people on to it.

If you're analyzing it strictly by numbers, you might be inclined to pass it by, assuming it is an abandoned project.  At the time of my listening there were only four episodes, each around thirty minutes or less.  In addition, the last episode had been released over a year ago.   In this case, however, the numbers don't mean a thing.

The Curse of Silverlake is not a actual play podcast.  It's an impressively scripted and acted reenactment of a campaign using a homebrew system designed to allow good friends to continue roleplaying after life took them in different directions.  

There are so many things I love about this podcast, but instead of me spoiling anything, I'm going to force you to listen to it yourselves (well, if you want a chance to win free dice, at least).

The Giveaway

We are going to have a random drawing, awarding the following prizes to six individuals who can correctly answer the four questions found at the bottom of this page.

First Prize

     RPG Aluminum Precision Set - Phoenix

Second Prize

     RPG Set - Gunmetal w/ Teal

Third Prize

     6 Set Swirl Bundle - Swirl


Three others will get $10 off promo codes

Giveaway Details

This giveaway is open to anyone I can ship to (so, basically worldwide). All six winners will be chosen at random from the pool of participants who answer all four questions correctly.  Winners will be chosen and notified on June 16th, 2017.  They will have one day to confirm before another winner will be chosen to take their place.  Winners will be publicly announced here and on social media on June 19th.

Where to find The Curse of Silverlake 

You can find it on itunes, here, or by searching in your favorite podcatcher. If you don't use a smartphone, or a podcasting app, you can listen through a web browser, here.

Please, no sharing answers.  If it turns out that this isn't having the desired effect, I reserve the right to cancel the giveaway prematurely.   

The results are in!

Congratulations to the giveawaway winners!

Phoenix Precision Set: Leon Phung

Gunmetal Purple: Matthew Zeiler

6 Swirl Bundle: Earl Spriggs

$10 Promo Codes: Nicole Kasprzynski, Tom Owens, and Todd Williams