Unification Day Celebrations

Mostly Peaceful Festivities

Unification day is upon us, and if you're not already tied up at an Alliance-friendly bar, we've got three great ways to participate in the mostly peaceful festivities!


Win a Custom Firefly Set

As a part of our mostly peaceful festivities, Jessie has been hard at work creating custom Firefly dice. Each set will contain ten dice, one for each character.  She  will be creating three sets in total that will be given away on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To be entered in each giveaway, follow the instructions below.  This giveaway is open to everyone, internationally.  Each giveaway will be triggered by a target number of likes or retweets, as specified below.  


When we hit 750 reactions (likes, loves, etc) on our facebook post, the giveaway is unlocked and we'll choose a winner from everyone who has reacted.


When we hit 600 likes on our instagram post, the giveaway is unlocked and we'll choose a winner from everyone who liked it.


When we hit 100 retweets of announcement tweet, the giveaway is unlocked and we'll choose a winner from everyone who has retweeted.

All winners will be announced on 9/23/2018

Zoom in for a closer look


Custom Browncoat Set

The Browncoat​ set is a custom painted set of our Battleworn Bronze dice with colors that give a subtle nod to the Browncoat uniform.  Each set uses gold for all numbers, except for the highest number of each die, which is painted with a rust red/brown.  

We are only making 20 sets of these, so when they are gone, they're really gone.  Not all sets are complete, so there will be a 7-10 day delay before they will ship.


Free Browncoat Polymer Set

Some may say that this is a Clay Golem set, but those people would be wrong... because this is Unification Day!

Get one Browncoat Polymer set for free with your purchase of $20 or more until  9/23/2018!  

Just use promo code: BROWNCOAT at checkout!

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