Why Choose Die Hard Dice?

Whenever we visit a specialty shop online, the question in the back of our mind is, "Why shouldn't I just buy from a certain mega retailer with free two day shipping?"  Here is our attempt to convince you that Die Hard Dice is the right place to buy your D&D dice.

We only sell the best D&D dice and accessories

You want a dice set that is as awesome as your character's favorite weapon.  That's why we only source the best dice sets we can find and carefully examine each individual die before we ship it to you.

The best dice sets require more than just a pretty face.  They should be balanced, durable, and readable too.  We evaluate many potential styles and colors and we only put what we consider the best dice into our store:  D&D sets that we would be happy to take with us on our own campaigns.


Balanced beauty and readability:

Sinister Chrome with Blue

our customer philosophy

Customers are 20th level Paladins, lawful and good.  Business is a choose your own adventure. 

If you choose to be sneaky or evil, the Paladins will chase you down and you'll regret it.  If you do your best to be lawfully awesome, the Paladins will give you honor, and send their friends to see you.

Seriously, you can build a business on a strategy as simple as that.  We feel safe telling the secret of our success, because so few believe it's that simple.


Our suppliers are people too, and we treat them how we would want to be treated.  For example, we sent them presents for Chinese New Year.

We Design and Build great new things

We've used specialized 3D software to design balanced new lines of die-cast dice, like our Star Wing sets and a brand new set that will be arriving in November 2017.  

We are also especially proud of our newly designed reversible Folding Dice Trays.  They have been a best sellers from the start, and they make a perfect gift for any gamer on your holiday list. 

A Die Hard original, our popular reversible snap Folding Dice Trays

The DIe Hard Guarantee

All of our products come with this simple guarantee:  If you are dissatisfied with your dice for any reason, at any time, just contact us at guarantee @ dieharddice.com and we'll make it right, whatever it takes.

we turn customers into die hard fans

As a small business owner, there's nothing like the thrill of seeing Word of Mouth marketing in action.  We're addicted to it, and we chase that high.  

When you feel like you just got the best D&D dice from some very nice people, and you even tell your friends about us, we know we did our job right.  Surprising our customers with exceptional service is our constant preoccupation.

Don't just take our word for it!  Read hundreds of customer product reviews on Our Reviews Page and read the stories on our Die Hard Dice Facebook Page.

Check out our D&D Dice Roller page where you can click+drag each die to "roll" it.  We think it's a lot more fun than clicking a button and getting a number from a random number generator!

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It doesn't matter if it is good.

It only matters if it ROCKS.

The main thing that we do is to knock your socks off.  

- Tenacious D, Rock Your Socks Off

Ways to browse our shop...

​You can browse our shop from multiple angles to find the best D&D dice for you: